WHE (Whole Herd Enrolment) BREEDPLAN News
The CMGA board of directors has recognized that through the past years of difficult financial times in the cattle industry, not all owners of registered Murray Grey cattle have kept up with WHE. Consequently the association is offering an amnesty for 2021 in order to make it possible to re-instate registered cattle to active status. Registered females may be reinstated with no cost. 
In addition, the association is offering an incentive to inactive breeders by reducing the WHE fee to $5.00/cow.
The WHE program is a valuable tool to the Breeder of Purebred Cattle. With minimal record keeping, birth and weaning weights, a producer can gain access to excellent data on the production of individuals within their herd, to others within the CMGA and around the world. It can also provide the breeder with data useful in their promotion and marketing programs. 
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