History of the Breed

Murray Grey Cattle originated in the Murray River region of Australia in 1905 as the result of a chance mating between a particular Shorthorn cow and an Angus bull. Eventually twelve of these "grey" calves were born to this same cow--all sired by different Angus bulls. The genetic traits of these "greys" were soon recognized as unique and desirable. A systematic breeding program resulted in the recognition of this new breed in Australia in 1962. Murray Grey cattle were first imported into the USA in 1969, with Canadian importations beginning in 1972.

Breed Attributes

Calving Ease:
Murray Grey cattle are noted for their calving ease, delivering a vigorous 70-80 lb calf which is up quickly and nursing.

Maternal Traits:
The Murray Grey female is highly fertile, with outstanding milking ability. Breeds back quickly while raising growthy calves.

Natural Docility:
Murray Greys are renowned for their quiet, gentle nature. This makes for ease of handling and allows these cattle to adapt easily into new environments.

Dark Pigmentation:
Although the hair coat maybe silver, dun or black; the skin, eyes, feet and bags are dark. This helps prevent sunburned udders and cancerous eyes.

Murray Greys are naturally polled.

Murray Greys are known for their longevity, outlasting many other breeds. More calves, more productivity per animal.

High Fertility:
Murray Grey bulls are masculine with large scrotal circumference indicative of highly fertility.

Moderate Frame:
Murray Greys are moderately framed with a rapid growth rate. Feed more animals on less without compromising weaning weights.

Feed Efficiency and AAA Marbling Capability:
Murray Grey cattle carry the genetics to produce marbled beef. In Australia, Murray Grey steers have won every major commercial competition. In Canada, producers began entering market competitions in 2000. It did not take judges long to recognize the top quality of Murrey Grey Beef. At the Calgary Stampede Carcass Competition, Murrey Grey Beef always finishs near the top winning the Grand Champion Carcass in 2001 and 2004, with a Reserve Grand Champion Carcass in 2003.

Cross Breeding:
The Murray Grey is an excellent cross with many breeds. They have been successfully crossed with Bos Indicus, British Breeds, and Continentals. The Murray Grey attributes of calving ease, docility, milking ability, marbling and feed conversion are evident in the progeny. The progeny will also display moderation of frame size and lack of horns.